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Win Capsim 2022 - New Free Winning Guide and Tips

Win Capsim 2019 - New Free Winning Guide and Tips
FREE Personal Support for Round 1 and 2
1. ROUND 1. R&D
Step 1. Download Industry Condition report
Step 2. Use Excel file to calculate R&D for all 8 rounds - Free Download here - LINK 1
Step 3. Update only 1 row - Round 0 in Excel file, with numbers from Industry Condition Report. (All other numbers will be automatically updated)
Now, start with Round 1 R&D.
Note in advance, this is long term strategy game, round 1-2-3 focus on R&D, increase production capacity, promo and sales... so will have good sales but normal net profit.
Round 4 to 8 will have highest sales and profit.

So, start round 1 with R&D, and add new product.
Because Low End needs 7 years to sell best, so add a new Low End first. With Pfmn and Size of Round 4, so it will not need update for next 7 rounds and can sell well.
Round 2 will add a new product, should be in Traditional segment
Round 3 will add a new product, can be in Performance (or any other, eg. High End or Size)
For Round 1:
Create a new Low-End sensor (Eg. PFMN 4.1 - SIZE 16.3 MTBF 12.000 or 14.000 - this is Low-End sweet spot of Year 4 - Note that Numbers need to get from the Excel file that was created above, to match your own game).
Change original Low-End sensor MTBF to 12.000 or 14.000 (don't re-position original Low End)
Re-position original Traditional sensor (Eg. to PFMN 6.1 SIZE 14.3 MTBF 14.000 or 17.000 (min) - need to use the numbers from your Excel file, again, need to create Excel file to keep track of all rounds R&D)
Re-position original High-End sensor (Eg. to PFMN 9.2 SIZE 11.2 MTBF 20.000 or 23.000 (min) - Again, use numbers from excel file)
Re-position original Performance sensor (Eg. to PFMN 9.8 SIZE 16.0 MTBF 27.000 (max) - Use numbers from excel file)
Re-position original Size sensor (Eg. to PFMN 4.4 SIZE 10.6 MTBF 16.000 - or 20.000 (min) - Use numbers from your excel file to match your game)
  1. You need to adjust the number of PFMN and SIZE to get new product launch in June or July or even to Oct. So it will have time to sell new products.
  2. R&D is key to win. Do it right, from round 1, so can lead the game in later rounds.
  3. New products need 2 rounds to sell well, so can lead the game from Round 4 to 8 with highest sales and profit.

Post image
Example of R&D for Round 1
If round 1 has mistakes, need round 2-3 and may be 4 to fix, then can still lead the game.
Now we can set decisions for:
2. Marketing (Round 1)
- Set price based on Courier report, each segment, close to top competitors
- Set Promo and Sales 1.200 then increase next rounds (1.400 then 1.600 then 2.000, back to 1.400 when customer awareness and accessibility reaches 100%)
- Calculate sales forecast = last round sold units x segment growth rate then - inventory

Post image
Example of Marketing for Round 1
3. Production (Round 1)
- Add new capacity for new Low End, set its automation 5.0
- Increase automation for Traditional and Low End to 5 and 6.5
- Sell surplus capacity of Traditional and High End (-600, -300) - We do not need that much capacity for Traditional, just use 1.200, or High end, just use 600. In round 5 to 8, when we have highest sales, we can add capacity later, depends on market demands.
- Set PRODUCTION for round 1 = sales forecast x 110%

Post image
Example of Production for Round 1
4. Finance (Round 1)
Use max investment sources:
- Stock issue
- Long term debt issue
And Short term debt issue

Post image
Example of Finance for Round 1
5. Estimated results for Round 1

Post image
Example of Proforma Results for Round 1

Estimted results for Round 1
Again, this is long term strategy game, round 1-2-3 focus on R&D, new product development, promo and sales will have good sales but lower net profit. Lead the game from round 4-8 with highest sales and profit.

FREE Personal Support for Round 1 and 2

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